It is with great joy that we announce the official opening of our GLORYMU Season 13 - 2 server.

It's been months of work and testing to ensure the highest level of gameplay and exclusivity for you.

To stay within everything our server has to offer, access our forum.

The server will open in 12 hours. JAN at 16:00 PM (GMT -2).

Server with progressive experience rate, with limit of 05 redefinitions (/ reset), new systems and exclusive customizations of the server.

- Version: Season 13 Part 2
- Experience: 350 ~ 10x
- BugBless: offline
- Fall rate: 40%
- Top Level: 1050
- Reset: 05 (/ resets)
- Points for resets: 200
- Master Experience: 10 ~ 1x
- Experience Improvement: 30 ~ 5x

- | More information

- Total Jewel of Soul percentage in Lucky items: 80%
- Total percentage of Jewel of Soul in unlucky items: 70%
- Total percentage of Jewel of Life in items: 75%

- | Our customizations

- Workshop for updates and enhancements of items.
- Ranking with exclusive prizes.
- System to convert currencies online.
- Disclosure system with exclusive awards.
- Exclusive Hunt Bosses system.
- Exclusive intrusion system.
- Exclusive display system.
- Online time trading system for coins.
- Server with no sale of items. (# NoPay2Win)

- | What's New in Version:

- Fourth character class.
- 4TH - Class mission system.
- Fourth class wings and gradual options.
- New skill tree (Enhancement).
- New Map Deep Dungeon and monsters.
- New system of missions.
- New system of dividing items.
- Mini bingo of jewels.
- Favorite warps list system.
- Combination of Chaos Simplified System of Materials
- New Map of Swamp of Darkness and monsters
- Lord of Darkness Battle (New boss)
- New Mastery Equipment Soul Awakening
- Period item extension system
- New Master Skill: Defending Attributes
- New Earrings Item Slot
- Archangel weapon for RF & Blessed weapon AA for RF support
- Short-term chandeliers such as Cherry Blossom, pumpkin etc renovation
- Monster information show on warp menu

- | Bonus when registering.

By registering, the user will receive 3 days of VIP - Start, to enjoy high experience rates.

When creating a character you will also be contemplated with 3 Buff per period being they:

- Seal of Healing (Increases experience gain by + 5%)
- Seal of Ascension (Increases experience gain by + 10%)
- Seal of Wealth (Increases experience gain by + 15%)

Note: The buff has a period of only 1 day.

Make your registration now, and invite your friends.

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